Winter Driving Preparedness

Safety & Awareness | January 2, 2024
Winter Driving Preparedness

By Carly Hermes, RN, BSN, Safe Kids Fox Valley Coordinator

It’s true, winter weather in Wisconsin can be unpredictable

From frigid temperatures one day to a blizzard the next. Whether you are driving to work or school or adventuring out with family or friends to enjoy a wintertime activity, Safe Kids Fox Valley wants to remind you how to stay safe going to and from your destination! AAA recommends following the 3 P’s of winter driving below:


  • Prepare for the unexpected. Keep a winter emergency kit in your vehicle in the event you would become stranded.
  • Know before you go! Check the weather and road conditions before heading out.
  • Keep your gas tank at least half full and have your phone fully charged or a car charger in your vehicle for emergency use.
  • Ensure you have properly working tires, car battery, and windshield wipers.


Protect your little ones in Car Seats.

Puffy winter coats in car seats is not a safe combination because the puffy winter gear can cause the car seat harness straps to be too loose putting your child at risk for injury in a crash. Follow these tips when securing your child in a car seat to ensure they are warm and safe in the cold elements:

  • Warm your vehicle prior to departure outside of the garage or outside any enclosed space.
  • Dress your child in thin layers.
  • After securing your child safely in their seat:
    • Place a blanket or coat over the top of the harness straps.
    • Put a winter coat on your child backwards over their arms and shoulders.


  • Slow down!
  • Increase following distances between vehicles.
  • Remove snow and ice from your vehicle before beginning any trips.
  • Be mindful of snow plows and large trucks that can block visibility of the road in front of you.
  • Avoid cruise control during wintry weather.
  • Remove ALL distractions and focus on the road.

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