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Safety & Awareness | November 1, 2018
toy safety

Safe Kids Fox Valley Safety Tips: By Sarah Rhone RN, BSN, PHN, Outagamie County Public Health Division, Safe Kids Fox Valley Coordinator

According to Safe Kids Worldwide 188,400 children under the age of 15 were seen for toy related injuries in emergency departments in 2011. That averages out to 516 kids every day. Children ages 5 and under counted for more than one third of those injuries.

Toys and games are fun for adults and kids. However, a child’s age and development should be considered.

Instructions and warning labels should be read. This will help ensure a game or toy is the right fit for the right child. Many games with small pieces are great for older children. However, be aware of choking hazards. Small game pieces can be a potential danger to younger, curious siblings.

Little kids love to explore. What is the first thing they do when they find something new?

Put it in their mouths. This includes small devices such as remote controls, calculators, and watches. Small button batteries in these devices can be dangerous. If a child swallows a button battery, it could burn their esophagus. Even worse, cause death.

Other gift ideas to consider may be on wheels.

Prevent injuries before they happen. Include a helmet if buying a new bike, skateboard, scooter, or other riding equipment.

Along with many other things, sometimes games, toys, and wheeled riding equipment are recalled. Sign up to receive product recalls. Safe Kids compiles product recalls specific to children. To receive e-mail alerts on recalls sign up at:

More information about product recalls related to kids can be found at

Be prepared, enter the National Battery Ingestion Hotline number into your phone right now, (202) 625-3333.

If a child is suspected of swallowing a button battery, immediately go to the hospital. Do not induce vomiting. Do not let your child eat or drink anything until assessed by a medical professional. Symptoms are hard to recognize. Some may include coughing, drooling, or discomfort. Share this information with family, friends, and caregivers.

Safe Kids Fox Valley wants every child to enjoy the holidays and the gifts they receive, but most importantly, be safe!

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