Learning to Problem Solve

Safety & Awareness | July 8, 2021

By Alicia Gehrig, Communications & Partnership Specialist, Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services, Inc.

Children face a variety of different challenges & difficulties every single day

It’s important to have the skills and tools to know how to overcome those difficulties as they arise. These stressors range from academic difficulties to extracurriculars and sports problems. For those who have never been taught problem solving skills, some children avoid the issue all together when faced with a problem. Other kids don’t realize they have options and spring into action without weighing out different solutions to the problem at hand.

An example of this could be:

A child takes a toy from another child. The initial instinct of the child may be to hit the child who took the toy. Children need to learn how to cope and react through problem solving skills they are taught and practice.

Here are some helpful tips to problem solving: 

  1. Identify what’s making you upset. Saying the problem out loud can help you feel less “stuck”. You can also talk to a safe adult about what you’re struggling with to seek different options and brainstorm different scenarios about how to respond to correct the problem.
  2. Brainstorm possible solutions. What would help the situation be better and more positive? Coming up with different ideas to solve the issue gives you options to choose from and even negotiate with.
  3. Think about the pros and cons of the issue. To help you make the most informed decision, think of positive and negative consequences for each solution that’s identified.
  4. Remember to use kind language. It can be easy to let your emotions escalate when you are upset but always remember to put your focus on the problem instead of the person and remember to  be kind.

Always remember to talk with a safe adult if you are struggling and remember that help is here at Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services, (920) 235-5998.

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