Footgolf Fun for the Family!

Sports & Athletics | May 1, 2018
Footgolf at High Cliff Golf Course

Footgolf is a game played similarly to golf.

A No. 5 soccer ball is used in place of a golf ball and the ball is kicked rather than hit with a club. The course objective is to move the ball by kicking it toward a 21-inch “cup” – similar to a golfer who moves the ball toward a golf hole by striking it with a club.

A footgolf course may be a modified golf course, or a specially built footgolf course specifically designed for the game. On the specially designed footgolf courses, holes are typically shorter than golf course holes because footgolf balls do not propel as far as golf balls in a single shot. The first shot is always started in the tee box. From the tee box, various obstacles throughout each hole, such as hills, trees, bunkers and water must be strategically crossed, or avoided, with as few shots as possible, to get the ball into the hole. Scoring is tabulated similar to the game of golf. The player who completes the course with the least amount of shots “wins” the round.

Footgolf is an excellent choice for family fun. It is also a great introduction to the concept of golf for new players because it is fast moving, interesting, and does not require the investment of expensive equipment. Most importantly, it offers quality bonding time at an affordable price.

High Cliff Golf Course in Sherwood, WI has a nine hole course that is separate from the golf course – located in a meadow just left of hole #1 on the main golf course.
Hole lengths at this course range from 52 to 117 yards.
Players are allowed to bring their own soccer balls.

Rates range from $5.00-$7.50. Unlimited play is $10.00 and
soccer ball rentals are $1.00.

Group rates are available – consider footgolf for your next team bonding event!

Tee Times available by calling (920) 898-1045.

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