Feeling Safe During the Holidays

Safety & Awareness | November 1, 2023
Feeling Safe During the Holidays

By Christine Ann Youth Team

Sometimes the holidays can feel scary and sad. If you are a kid (or love a kid) who is having a hard time, you are not alone and Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services is here to help. Always remember, Help Is Here!

Here are a few ways to stay safe at home:

  • Find a time to talk about how everyone is feeling
  • Never get in the middle of an argument or fight between grown ups
  • Create a safe space for yourself, like a fort or a tent with comforting items
  • Distract your head with an activity like music, gaming, or coloring
  • Your body is yours – you never have to touch anyone you don’t want to (adults, don’t force or guilt your child to hug/kiss relatives)

Abuse is never your fault. You deserve to feel safe.
If you don’t feel safe, we can help.

Our shelter in Oshkosh is always open to families, including during the holiday season. Our anonymous hotline is available 24/7/365 by calling 920-235-5998. If you prefer online chat or text, visit or text “START” to 88788.

Wishing you a safe holiday season,
Christine Ann Team

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