Drowning is Preventable!

Safety & Awareness | June 1, 2019

By Sarah Rhone RN, BSN, PHN, Safe Kids Fox Valley Coordinator

Safe Kids Fox Valley in partnership with “Pool Safely” will be continuing the “Water Watcher Program” throughout the greater Fox Valley.

Water watcher cards will be available at various locations throughout the region. Follow Safe Kids Fox Valley on Facebook to find a list of locations to pick up a free water watcher card/lanyard.

Water watcher cards can be used by pools or by any body of water.

The Fox Valley is surrounded by many lakes, ponds, and rivers that children swim in. Many private and public pools are also throughout the community. While enjoying water activities, children should be watched without distractions at all times. Water watchers would never leave children unattended and regularly scan the bottom of the pool. Poolside chats and talking on the phone should be avoided. However, keep a phone available for emergency use and know the address location you are at. Call 911 and start CPR if ever necessary.

As an effort to promote the use of these cards, Safe Kids is offering a chance to win a life jacket.

Simply post a picture on Facebook of someone properly using the card. Make sure to tag Safe Kids Fox Valley in the Facebook post to be entered. Safe Kids will reach out to the winner on Facebook after Labor Day.

Have a great, safe and fun summer!

Download the Safe Kids Worldwide Drowning Prevention Infographic

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