Barlow Planetarium Astronomy Day 2019

Mind Bending | May 1, 2019
Barlow Planetarium Astronomy Day 2019

MAY 11, 2019 | 12:15pm | 5:00pm | 7:00pm

By Alan J Peche, Director, Barlow Planetarium

Each spring, with the assistance of the Northeast Wisconsin Stargazers (NEWSTAR), the Barlow Planetarium celebrates all things astronomy and space on Astronomy Day.
Barlow’s standard Astronomy Day offerings include: specially priced shows, the NEWSTAR (Northeast Wisconsin Stargazers) telescope and astronomical displays in the lobby. Astronomy Day allows us to share our school programming with the general public including: Our Place in Space, Solar System Exploration, Orbit and Galactic Quest.


Admission for the afternoon programs will be reduced to match Barlow’s field trip fees: all seats (child, student or adult) will be just $4 for a single show. Additional shows will be just $3 extra. Tickets are available online – however, discounts are only available at the Barlow Box Office!

Special Offerings for the Day

Barlow will be expanding its typical Family Astronomy Night offerings for Astronomy Day with the addition of The Liquid Nitrogen Show – a show that will demonstrate some of the amazing things a liquid that is 321 below zero can do to everyday objects. EXPECT THE AMAZING! At the end of the program, everyone will receive a small treat of ice cream made before your eyes with the super cold liquid.

The evening will conclude with offerings of Secret of the Cardboard Rocket and Cosmic Colors. As always, weather permitting, telescopes will be available to view the Moon after each of planetarium shows. Similar pricing will be used for the evening program: $4 for a single show and $3 for additional shows.


11:30am Barlow Box Office Opens
12:00pm NEWSTAR Astronomy/Telescope Displays Opens (Barlow Lobby)
12:15pm Our Place in Space (Barlow)
1:30pm  Solar System Exploration (Barlow)
2:45pm Orbit Science Demonstration (Room 1229)
4:00pm Galactic Quest (Barlow)
5:00pm NEWSTAR Astronomy/Telescope Displays Ends
7:00pm The Liquid Nitrogen Show (Room 1229)
8:00pm Secret of the Cardboard Rocket (Barlow)
9:00pm Telescope Viewing featuring Moon and Venus (weather permitting)
9:15pm Cosmic Colors (Barlow)
10:30pm Telescope Viewing Ends

Each month, the Barlow Planetarium, Wisconsin’s first major planetarium, provides interesting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) topics for students of all ages.

TO GET A CURRENT SKYCHART: Visit the Skymaps link under the “Astronomy Resources” link at

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